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Clearsonic IPGL IsoPac G Light Gray Sound Booth

Clearsonic IPGL IsoPac G Light Gray Sound Booth
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Product Description

IsoPac G is a 4' diameter vocal booth that will hold a single vocalist. This IsoPac works well in situations where space is tight. Constructed in a similar style to our MegaPac, the IsoPac G uses a combination of clear panels and SORBER to achieve maximum sound reduction. This booth is often used for voice-over work, vocal recording, and practice.

IsoPac G consists of six ClearSonic Panels with AX12 extenders added to increase the height to 6.5 feet. Six S2 baffles are attached with Velcro to the clear panels in the back, and the top is covered by (2) STS4 lid sections. If reflections off the shields are a problem, some or all of the S2 baffles can be placed surrounding the booth at the height of the microphone to reduce the reflections.


  • (1) A5-6 - 6-section CSP
    (1) AX12-6 - 12" height extenders
    (6) S2D - 4'W x 5.5'H SORBER baffle
    (2) STS4D - 2'W x 4'D side lid section
    (1) BAR-SHORT - short support bar
    (1) Fan - 6", 2-speed, low noise fan